What’s a Science Fantasy?

At the convention of Carl Sagan,” Enrico Fermi and Edgar Cayce, we are able to expect to discover a minumum of one fresh”science myth” every single month, even if more. The delusion, in addition, is not site link based on any virtual reality, however, it represents a human idea concerning truth.

We’re conditioned to believe in matters we hardly understand as we live in a universe at which there are several regulations. Many people feel that for some thing it has to have already now been learned for many a long time . I know this since I used to believe that way, so I began searching for samples of how individuals did that.

Science itself, as opposed to a study that only shows one result, has been studied, and it turns out that there are many different types of studies. A fact that is true for everything in life is that a new type of study is always being created to advance knowledge.

One of the newer kinds of studies comes from bio-mechanics, which deals with new kinds of material science. http://www.upenn.edu/penna-z/letter/P And the experiments don’t just concern plant and animal life; they also concern new methods of energy production, such as geothermal and nuclear.

We are now able to study some of the products of these new materials without having to break through solid rock. In fact, the knowledge comes from the bottom up instead of the top down. And scientists have learned that it isn’t always about hard facts and understanding things from a scientist’s point of view, but that they can also learn by listening to their subject.

The very next “science myth” we are going to look at has to do with solar powered satellites. These are small, lightweight satellites, that are designed to float around and take pictures of our planet and its satellites. These are quite easy to design, and we can now send them to space on a shoestring budget. However, in their quest to uncover some truth about how things work, some very smart and highly trained engineers decided to try and bust this science myth by creating a satellite that had an extreme low power usage. After all, they knew that all solar-powered satellites had to have low power consumption, right? Well, they really didn’t think this through. It was a totally new design that were designed, but it would be able to take pictures of our planet because it was capable of capturing images at night.

Many people have actually created satellites for NASA that still function during the day, but the fact that they use batteries is apparently not enough for many of them. This is an example of the science myth that we usually take for granted. Once a scientific discovery is made, we should always be looking for ways to improve it.

There are even solar powered satellites that use our sun’s rays and not the other way around. It’s a little-known fact that much of the Earth is covered in water, which means that there are billions of square miles of exposed land area, and that these unused energies are very valuable.

It is even possible that someone will find out the best way to harness those forces for electrical goals, and it is among many very most ordinary and beneficial breakthroughs from the planet. We could only expect that they will require this knowledge, and that some body does and put it to work with.

We’ll even discover a new kind of fuel and manufacturing process, although we cannot find a place on the web where you can search for that. At least not yet. Perhaps we will have to look in other countries to find out about it, because it’s a technology that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world.

Please , do not overlook the moon landing! Maybe it does well perhaps not be a myth, When it can have had a large impact on our culture. Please think over this.

On aprill 13th, 2020

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