I Organisation

Maximus Consult is organization’s partner in all areas of HR matters. Professional HR management helps manage business risks, and efficiently manage the company’s most valuable asset – people. We guarantee the best result, we provide you with the solutions; and guarantee the legal accuracy.

1. Search and Selection

Staff search and selection is the main business area for Maximus Consult.
We find right person fast and with reasonable price using modern and time efficient methods. Our consultants are experienced in head hunting. We shall find you the right employee using personal contacts, candidates from earlier recruiting projects and other specific search methods.
We have experiences recruiting employees for different industries. Within last year our activity has been broaden to Norway and Finland. We have recruited numerous employees to these countries and we support the process with our good knowledge of the tax and employment legislation in Norway and in Finland.
Our recruitment process is fast and professional; we are Rained and experienced to use different selction methods in order to asuure right peole meeting right employer and vice versa.

2. HR services outsource
Maximus Consult offers daily HR-related services for organizations who find it not cost-effective to hire an HR manager. If HR services are outsourced then the manager/accountant/secretary does not have to delve into the depths of labour laws and carry out procedures they are not professionally trained for. We are easy to reach via email or phone and we can take care of the HR-related procedures such as documentation (i.e. conclusion, amendment and termination of contracts, confidentiality agreements, job descriptions, electronic and physical storage of personnel documentation, overseeing the time boundaries), personnel records, communication with Health Insurance Fund and statistics institution, compiling rules and guides of the procedures as well as supporting the implementation; and later auditing process. We help to develop mentoring system.
2. HR Consulting
We are a trustworthy partner for organizations with specific HR-related issues. We will recruit the right people for you, consult on implementing the mentoring, offer solutions for staff development and training, position evaluation and remuneration schemes, carry out HR audits (documentation (contracts), development, motivation systems, payroll), compile necessary guides and rules, offer consultation on outplacement.